Metal Wind Chime

Industrial Design l Engineering l CMF

Wind Chime is nature's musical instrument, dancing along the natural movement of air. We may not be able to see the wind as it breezes by us, yet we can hear it and feel its presence around us. Each breeze is a chance striking at the unknown. There is elegance within all these randomnesses — an order within the chaos. This simple interaction can either lead to the disruption of silence or the anticipation of an unknown melody.

Client: BW Design l Sector: Lifestyle l Key Material: Aluminum/Copper/Brass l Year: 2017

Amplified By Design

Each material correlates with its own distinct design pattern. They are engineered to maximize resonance based on each material, bringing out their distinct character. The patterns are not only visually pleasing but were orchestrated to create specific notes. The acoustic quality was optimized for sound projection while creating pleasing notes for emotional appeal.

Age Gracefully

The wind chimes are CNC milled out of metal to ensure uniformity while taking advantage of the high precision of the manufacturing method. The subtle differences in surface finish treatments are chosen with functionality in mind. Sandblasted surfaces increase the durability of the product to withstand outdoor environment, while the hand-polished surfaces increase the projection and clarity of any acoustic sound. The striking contrast in surface finish treatments elevates the design — making it timeless and desirable. Over time, the piece will acquire different marks of wear, further developing its own character and patina naturally.