Jidu 亼度

Brand l Strategy l Packaging

Through a holistic design approach, Patina worked with Jidu to design and strategize a brand entering a saturated, volatile market. They have the desire to provide consistent, premium products and experiences for their customers. Over a period of short yet high quality relationship, Patina defined the strategy, crafted clear mission statements, developed design language, engaging commercial, and brought it all to life on their successful store launch. The result is a cohesive brand with clear and precise mission — creating a premium retail experience and platform for local street culture. Jidu embraces and extends the local Chinese culture, paying homage to its rich legacy.

Client: Jidu l Sector: Lifestyle l Location: Shenzhen, China l Year: 2019

Minimal, Modern, Memorable

East & West

Jidu's logo has the representation of a new design paradigm, combining the "East meets West" philosophy with a playful execution on typography. It emcompasses the name of the brand in both English and Chinese. This holistic, world-view approach differentiates Jidu in the commodity market with strong, memorable and utilitarian brand systems.