Aluminum Seal Stamp

Industrial Design l Engineering l CMF

Seals hold significance in my culture, they can be used in lieu of signatures — a mark of applied individualism and validation. As a wedding present for my cousin in Taiwan, I decided to design a set of seal stamps. I wanted to gift the couple with something that was timeless and familiar, yet desirable.

Client: BW Design l Sector: Lifestyle l Key Material: Aluminum l Year: 2016

Contrast In Harmony

The seals are CNC milled out of a single block of aluminum, making it a unibody design. Each seal is laser engraved to ensure clarity. The subtle differences in surface finish treatments are chosen with functionality in mind. Hand-polished surfaces invite you to hold it, while sandblasted surfaces take the ink generously. The flat surface plays multiple roles — it helps the user with alignment, prevents it from rolling, and acts as a prominent display of “lucky Chinese red”.

Small Tokens

With the PVD treatment, it increases the product’s longevity to withstand the test of time. To prevent confusion, the design was also carefully devised to differentiate it from lipstick packaging. Even though the seals are small gifts, they were still designed with micro considerations.